Ramadan 2018- 11 Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid In Ramadan

Ramadan 2018 has started and Moon Sighted in India and every Muslim do fasting for 30 days in  Ramadan, Everyone should not do any mistakes, so festivals greetings has brought some of the Ramadan Reminders to you to avoid these mistakes

 11 Mistakes to Avoid In Ramadan

Mistake: 1 Talking Ramadan as a ritual
Mistake: 2 Some Muslims fast but don’t pray
Mistake: 3 Eating too much is forbidden
Mistake: 4 Hosting and participating in extravagant Iftaar parties
Mistake: 5 Sleeping all day
Mistake: 6 Not fasting because of work or exams
Mistake: 7 Wasting time
Mistake: 8 Delaying breaking fast
Mistake: 9 Missing the golden chance of having your dua accepted
Mistake: 10 Wasting the last part of Ramadan preparing for Eid
Mistake: 11 Talking Bad Language

Avoid these 11 Mistakes Inshallah you will get a Great reward from Allah, I hope all will avoid these 11 mistakes


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